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SlogOne is the ultimate partner to analyze and react effectively against Cyber Attacks, defend and protect yourself with SlogOne.
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Sophisticated intrusion attempts neutralized by SlogOne in 2020

SlogOne In a few words

Analyses, Investigation and neutralization of Cyber Attacks

  • SlogOne's artificial intelligence identifies attacks and automatically neutralizes them.
  • SlogOne allows monitoring of security-related activity on all different endpoints. Detect Cyber Hackers before they have time to infiltrate.
  • SlogOne is based on Cloud Computing Architecture (SaaS type)
  • Protection based on Cybersecurity attack behavior and indicators
  • SlogOne collects and inspects event-type data in real time to prevent and detect attacks targeting computers and servers (endpoints)
  • Thanks to SlogOne, you will obtain results of security audits on assets.
  • The severity levels of the identified vulnerabilities (high, medium, low) will also allow you to identify the most vulnerable assets in correlation with the level of risk.

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