Cyberalis is a Californian Digital Engineering company, created with the aim of designing innovative solutions in the digital sector and more specifically in cyberSecurity. The main idea is to offer very high-tech tools at a lower cost to help any type of business to defend itself effectively against cyber attacks.
Ideally located in San Diego, Cyberalis is at the heart of an economic pole expert in high-tech and bio-technology, which brings together the largest companies at the forefront of innovation, such as Qualcomm, Illumina, Google San Diego ...

You have probably already used one of the Cyberalis products without knowing it, using an algorithm, a monitoring system, or more generally a cyber security product.
Our studies and our realizations are made in all discretion and in a concern of confidentiality.
Cyberalis mainly distributes its technical solutions through a network of companies specialized in Cybersecurity.
These integrators are selected for their skills and reliability in order to provide optimum service to our end customers. Our end customers are SMIs, SMEs and large international groups.

In 2019, after five years of development, Cyberalis creates SlogOne.
SlogOne is a very innovative and reliable tool, allowing a fast and clear behavioral analysis of real-time flows on your computer network.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, SlogOne allows you to remove doubts and recommend solutions to more effectively configure the security rules of your firewalls.
SlogOne's mission is to analyze the source of an abnormal behavior but also to report any deviation of actions that go beyond the traditional use of internal resources of an information system.

Why choose us

Choose specialists !

All our SlogOne distributors are selected by Cyberalis. They must meet a set of specifications that meet specific criteria.

  • They must have demonstrated Cybersecurity skills for several years.
  • They are evaluated by us as part of a customer satisfaction study.
  • They are trained to obtain a SlogOne certification.
  • All our distribution partners benefit from our 24/7 technical support.
  • SlogOne is frequently upgraded to keep our partners one step ahead of CyberThreats.