Investigation and Diagnostics
SlogOne's mission is to analyze the source of an external abnormal behavior, but also to report any drift of actions outside the framework of traditional use of the internal resources of an information system. Thanks to SlogOne, several administrators can search and view flows for carrying out digital surveys or simply diagnostics. The following diagnostics can for example be performed :
  • Verification of a flow opening on a port and / or an address or even a protocol.
  • Verification of an action following the implementation of a new filtering rule. Is the latter in function, i.e. does it authorize or prohibit a flow with respect to an address (source / destination), a port or a protocol.
  • List the Allow and / or Dined flows via the Action drop-down list.
  • Search against a specific date and time or time range. For example, you can list the flows going from 10 to 19 November 2020 all hours included.
  • Find the use of a rule or even several rules according to their implementation numbers (Rule ID). Using the Rule ID drop-down list, it is thus possible to select the rule numbers less than 6, i.e. the rules. anging from 1 to 5 having been satisfied by the flows INPUT or OUTPUT to the studied network.
  • Executive Summary and anomaly detection report available on request.
Cyberalis designs systems compatible with the global IT security providers (Checkpoint, Paloalto, Juniper, Stormshield).
SlogOne is for example compatible with all types of Firewall and commercialy available servers including the world of free software (Netfilter, Pfsense).
It will tell (If necessary), if there are particular specifications on your network, Cyberalis Support division will adapt SlogOne to all your personalized requests.
It is of course possible to anonymize the flows for reasons of confidentiality.
It is possible to list flows to a partner, a customer, a supplier without having to disclose the IP addresses.
It is also possible to integrate SlogOne into your business ecosystem if you do not wish to outsource your data flows.
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning present a major asset for the cybersecurity. Today, AI is able to analyze threat detection more precisely, as it has a greater capacity to process large volumes of computational analyzes.
SlogOne integrates 2 artificial intelligence (AI) modules. Its core uses a proprietary machine learning component to analyze the traffic flows, and the network equipment of your company.
SlogOne is a 'bicephalous tool' by its functions which go as well to raise doubts on suspicious flows, as to predict and / or determine the similarities of the behaviors undergone by the internal assets of an information system. Intelligence threats : Our technology can recognize your friends from your enemies in real time and thus protect you from cyber threats before they occur and spread.
The second SlogOne search engine will allow you to make the right decisions. Thanks to the results of the risk analysis (supporting assets), SlogOne allows you to view the risk level of the asset in relation to the Risk level accepted. The comparison of this data is very useful and makes it possible to determine the criticality that the asset in question represents for your information system. If you have results of security audits on assets, you can integrate these results into SlogOne. The severity levels of the identified vulnerabilities (high, medium, low) will also allow you to identify the most vulnerable assets in correlation with the level of risk.
SlogOne will be your assistant in prioritizing an action plan in the event of a suspected intrusion. The order of correcting or updating assets will be much easier.
SlogOne works across all IT ecosystems. SlogOne is based on a cloud architecture (SaaS type) that can be deployed in a few minutes.
The use of SlogOne is not intrusive and does not affect the performance of computers or servers (endpoints).
Another advantage of SlogOne is its quick handling, within the reach of any network systems engineers.
No more long and complicated updates to install, with SlogOne everything is automatic and without any incident.
Execution Speed
Thanks to its innovative architecture (Saas type) using the recent breakthroughs in technology, you can access a multitude of information in real time. With one click, and in a few seconds, you get a graphical view of your IT ecosystem.
You are not in front of your control unit? SlogOne has the ability to instantly inform you by email or by various communication tools such as Telegram ... of intrusion attempts on your network. The IOAs or IOCs are managed for you.
You can view in real time all anomalies and history of suspicious IP addresses and many other advantages ...
Reduce the detection-response time delta, SlogOne is the ultimate partner to analyze and respond first to cyber attacks, avoiding inestimable damage. !!!
Flexibility Mobility
Use SlogOne on your computers, smartphones or tablets, and keep an eye on your network.
Whether you are in the office or abroad, SlogOne will always be there to support you.
Thanks to our remote platform (Cloud), we collect your information flows anonymously, we analyze them to alert you and inform you of abnormal behavior.
In addition, SlogOne will notify you of any drift of actions outside the framework of traditional use of internal resources of an information system.
You can secure your entire computer network wherever you are, with just your username and password.

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